For foreign citizens

You are most welcome to become a customer in Fana Sparebank. If you are over 18 years old please choose between the two following options and let's start the onboarding process:

1) I already have BankID

Become customer now

2) Become customer without BankID:

If you do not have BankID yet, you will have to download and fill in our customer application form.

Download form in English

Download form in Norwegian

Deliver the customer application form and below listed documents to one of our offices.

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Required information and documentation:

  • A Norwegian national identity number or D-number
  • A Norwegian address registered in the population register 
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN-number) for all persons with tax residence outside Norway (temporary workers need TIN-number from their homeland).
  • Valid email address and mobile phone number.


Proof of ID:

  • Passport 
    • We also accept Norwegian immigrant's passport.
    • Norwegian refugee travel document (green).
  • In addition it is required with Residence permit for citizens from outside the EU/EEA

Proof of income (why you apply for an account)

For instance:

  • Employment contract
  • Student identity card or other proof of income.
  • Documentation of introductory program or settlement decision for refugees.
  • Documentation of any funds you plan to transfer to your account from abroad
  • Tax withholding card for employees.
  • Please make sure your documents are original and valid. 


Important information

  • You must have a Norwegian national identity number or D-number in order to become a customer. Read more at
  • You must have registered a Norwegian address in the population register 
  • You must personally take responsibility to understand the content of all documents, although we provide translation service for Ukrainian citizens.
  • If your stay in Norway exceeds 6 months, you must apply for a Norwegian national identity number.
  • All customers age of 0-18 can only become customers with the help of their guardians. The law requires that all guardians need to give their consent to open an account for their children. You need to do this in person in one of our branch offices.